Very often a new user to your webpage will not be convinced to buy a product or subscribe to your service in the first glance. A user usually spends a few seconds to judge the relevance of a web page. In this short time, it’s necessary that you be able to retain them on your page and encourage them to explore around your website. The longer a user stays on a page; the better chances you have of selling and gaining a returning visitor.

Using Social Media

Website owners exploit various external channels through which they can build loyal following for their site and remind people of their online presence. If a user can easily find a company on social networking sites, for instance, then there is a higher likelihood them taking action. The more visible you are to a customer, the better the chances of their returning to your website. Using the various social media channels for building and retaining customers is an effective promotional strategy for online businesses. Advanced techniques like retargeting help you exercise minute control while exercising this strategy.

Developing Leads and Call to Action

Users revisit websites that provide them with important information that they do not find anywhere else, however unique content is just one factor in audience retention. Along with brilliant content, a website must lead the user to subscribe for news, newsletter or relevant information. Such methods not only help business owners develops vital leads but also allow for a great way to send call to actions right into the users inbox

Being able to initiate communicate with their targeted audience in this manner is a great advantage for website owners. Be it asking for feedback to create marketing and promotional campaigns, this user database can lead to quick sales, revisits and substantial user response.

Popular Audience Retention Methods

Some of the methods website owners use to retain audiences are:

•    Using catchy headlines for articles

•    Uploading enticing and visually appealing images

•    Getting straight to the point without unnecessary sales pitch

•    Keeping content, videos and audios short and focused

•    Using humor when applicable

•    Cashing in on controversy

•    Keep up with the latest or be the first one to share information

There are both short-term and some long-term methods that are used for the purpose of audience retention and they must be applied with equal measure. Do not forget that unless such strategies are in place, a visitor is unlikely to return to your website once they have pressed the close tab button. Therefore retaining an audience and making them come back to your website is perhaps the best way to get a foot ahead of the competition.