Working with a digital strategy consultant can be a difficult first step for many businesses – not knowing what to focus on, what is achievable and how to invest resources is a challenging prospect when sailing the unfamiliar waters of applying a digital marketing strategy for your business.

Knowing what results should be achieved and applying a strategic course of action can help ease this knowledge gap so that you can confidently pursue your business goal online with a sense of purpose and assurance.

Typical results clients can expect when working with Apex Action are:

  • Achieving a measurable increase on Return of Investment (ROI) for marketing initiatives: Marketing is an investment; not a cost. A successful marketing initiative should be a force multiplier for your business – helping your business to thrive amongst a competitive landscape.
  • Optimise your sales funnel: Sales are the life blood of the business – improving sales funnels from all aspects, with high touch lead generation or reducing the barriers from prospect to customer, has remarkable benefit for your business.
  • Gaining insight into your audience: Understanding who you are selling too – what they like, how they behave, why they trust your business - provides valuable insight for better communicating the value of your product or services to your prospects.
  • Maximise the lifetime value of a customer: A loyal customer grows sales, increases referrals and improves brand reputation. Goals for maxmising lifetime value of customer are to design a customer’s knowledge, consideration, conversion, loyalty and advocacy of your brand.

Should you consider a digital strategy consultant?

Prior to investing in digital marketing, be sure to consider the context of your business if it is suitable investment of resources at this point in time.

It is absolutely imperative that you are both informed and ready to invest resources online whether you use a digital strategy consultant, engage in the services of an agency, outsourcing help overseas or allocating resources in-house.

Typical reasons clients begin working with Apex Action are:

  • Lack of resources: Precious commodities within your business are time, cashflow and the reputation of your brand. Choosing a digital strategy consultant can help grow these resources by improving website traffic, raising web visibility, generating leads and managing online reputation that contribute greatly towards the business goals.
  • Lack of expert knowledge: Without a solid understanding of the value, mechanisms and tactics of a digital strategy many prospects find that getting started is rather difficult. A digital strategy consultant can not only unearth the value proposition of digital marketing to the business, but also manage your campaigns as expertly as possible.
  • Save time: Digital strategy campaigns can become a time vortex without the proper toolkit, workflow automations and experience managing the ongoing process. Businesses that engage in a do-it-yourself attitude to digital marketing can spend a lot of time and resources but fail to produce.
  • Save cost: Steady digital campaigns are often costly over time and without the guiding hand of a certified expert the results return little despite the resources committed to it. Without adequate internal systems implemented, hiring external help is often well worth the fiscal investment.

What concerns should you consider before investing in online marketing?

Healthy scepticism is a required trait prior to making any decision concerning your brand.

Remember: investing in a consultancy or agency is a partnership where you work together to find the best solution for your business; the end result just happens to be improved website visibility, insight into your customers and improving sales funnels.

Distinctive methods utilised by Apex Action received by clients are:

  • Transparency: Managing campaigns for a variety of services, in particular Search Engine Optimisation, involves a high level of trust between provider and client. Any and all depictions of your brand on external channels represent your business – and it is your right to know how that it is represented in a genuine and ethical fashion. Reporting is a key aspect to all service offerings provided by Apex Action; ensuring that clients understand what value they receive in return for their investment.
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction: Projects are worked on a case-by-case basis, in which desired goals and results are defined and adjusted during the process to maximise results. Targeting key metrics such as increase of traffic, sales and user engagement rather than arbitrary measures like ‘keyword ranking’ help contribute to delivering a true value to your business.
  • Constant Communication: Efficiencies in the workflow, performance and communication help ensure that clients are always in the loop regarding what the process is, what results are to be expected and how the business may collaborate to bring the most out of their digital strategy.
  • Value-based pricing: Projects and service offerings to clients are provided based upon value provided to the business – Apex Action will never charge on an hourly basis as this provides negative incentives for the project. Value-based pricing for projects avoid the model of rewarding lazy campaign management and the adjustments to campaigns incurring extra cost for clients. Only the results of the project take forefront, ensuring a smoother management process and a higher quality end result.

Why shouldn’t you hire a digital strategy consultant?

Hiring a consultant should be seen as a partnership – identify any and all reasons why you shouldn’t get external help; only pursuing the practice if confidence is established between your business and the consultant.

If there is anything stopping you from shaking hands and beginning work tomorrow, let the service provider know to help alleviate your concerns or disqualify your business as a prospect at this time.

Be sure to understand these reasons before accepting the services from Apex Action:

  • In-house capacity makes external assistance irrelevant: If you have your own internal department capable of handling the deliverables involved in a digital strategy campaign, pursue these options for projects of scale. A consultant should only be considered as a value-add for the business – perhaps in a role as a quality auditor, internal training manager or as the architect for long-term campaign scheduling.
  • Costs are not worth the value added to the business: Digital consultants are expensive depending on the work provided. Your business may already be at critical mass for your market or you may not have the capital immediately available for campaign based projects. Only invest in a project if you understand the value provided to the business and avoid risk whenever possible.
  • Digital Marketing is not necessary: Your business may already organically succeed for your target keyword terms and you do not desire to target terms on a national or international scale; website conversion is already high relative to industry standards and there is little web development work expected which fails to justify the cost of user experience design. Digital Marketing should only be considered as a preventive measure from a suddenly active competitor in these scenarios.

Understanding why a digital strategy consultant may or may not be right for your business is a key step towards a successful project and a successful long term partnership.

I do not desire to provide work that is unnecessary nor do you desire to spend money on something you do not need.