Content quality directly impacts how a website is going to rank in the SERPs.

Today such a strategy would get you nothing more then a massive drop in ranks thanks to the Google panda update. A content strategy thereby merely refers to the process which includes things like managing content, quality control, aggregation and basically ensuring that all of the content updated on the website is in full alignment with the goals of the business.

The first step involves figuring out what content you already have at your disposal. If you’re already running a business then you probably have logos, brochures and other written content already. The development of online content strategy should be based on this information that is available already. Then you must go and then decide upon the main goal of your content strategy. Do you intend to provide information and after sales support through your website? Or do you plan to sell products and services and will most probably require a professionally written sales pitch?

Similarly you need to figure out the target market that you’re trying to reach out to. Thankfully given the amount of tools that are available online, this is perhaps the most convenient task of the process. For example, if you’re targeting a young demographic then you need to put more emphasis on social media channels and making quality videos for YouTube. If you’re targeting a 40+ demographic made up largely of people who are industry professionals then high quality written content on a sleekly designed blog would be more appropriate.

If you also intend to have a solid mobile presence, then separate content will need to be created for such devices. Remember higher the quality of your content the better results you’re going to get. That’s why instead of doing it in-house themselves, many businesses choose to hire the services of professional content marketing agencies.

This way you have a different group of people who are experts at what they do, dealing with all the nitty-gritties of the content strategy process. Such an agency will get the content created and designed for you, plan out a launch strategy and in consultation with yourself, decide upon a distribution schedule. Typically such an agency will also help out with the SEO strategy to ensure that your content is reaching the right customer base.

The work does not stop here, as it is important to measure the response from the audience and constantly analyse the traffic data reports. It is important to review the content strategy continuously and fine-tune any elements that can provide a better return than they already are. Having an effective content strategy in place is very crucial in today’s market and if you are not doing it already, rest assured that you’re probably lagging far behind the competition.