Conversion Optimisation is the use of a certain set of techniques to encourage users to do what you want them to do and achieve a business goal.

For instance, you may want users to subscribe to a newsletter, to press the ‘Buy Now’ button or to click on an advertisement. The more control you have on user behavior, the more success you will have in your campaigns.

Conversion optimisation makes it possible. 

Techniques of Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) or conversion rate is a systematic approach where optimisation is done based on factual data and analysis, and measured results are analysed further with the ultimate aim to improve the performance of a website. Some of the methods of conversation optimisation include:

•    Conversion funnels

•    A/B split testing

•    Multivariate testing

•    Call to action texts and headlines

•    Improving Website Speed

The Conversion Funnel

Conversion funnels are places from where traffic usually flows into your website. For many large websites such as shopping websites, it is the search bar from where people type the name of the product they wish to buy, after which they reach the product page and then to the purchase page. For smaller websites, it can be the home page where there are links to the most important pages.

To lead a user to a product or a service, the placement of the funnel entrance is crucial. Websites categorise their content and create drop down lists on home page for user ease of use. It is important that users are able to spot the places that take them to relevant pages with a glance. The top left hand corner and the top middle are the places where the human eye goes first and then to the top right corner. This is often reffered to as the 'F' layout, as the eye of the user behaves in a pattern of the letter 'F'. Therefore, these are the hotspots for a conversion funnel.

A/B or Split Testing

To improve conversion rate of a website, A/B or split testing is conducted by measuring the results of the same element by making minor changes in it. For example, to see if a blue design works better than a green design, both blue and green design of the same webpage or an item is tested. Whichever design gives better conversion is kept and the other one discarded. This method achieves optimisation by improving its conversion rate for each page by the testing of important elements.

Multivariate Testing

Like the A/B testing, multivariate testing is conducted to judge which variant gives the best results in terms of conversion. The testing is done on multiple variants of the same element to find the best performing variant.

Call to Action Texts and Headlines

Call to action texts are words that encourage and even impel a user to click on a link or a button. They are usually placed at the end of an attractive and enticing image, text, video or audio that has already built up the interest of the user in the product or the service being marketed. A call to action runs something like this ‘To get a 40% discount, buy now!’

Improving Website Speed

Website performance is a key factor to tackle for a direct improvement on website conversion. A page that loads two seconds faster will help reduce user's leaving that page by half. Mozilla tested download rates on their website and found a full 20% improvement in downloads by only making minor changes to their page.

Techniques such as reducing the number of HTTP requests, optimising images, compressing content and deferring script loading all contribute to the overall improvement of the loading time of a page and website.

Should I get an Conversion Optimisation consultant?

Working with a consultant on optimising the conversion of your website can help your business better achieve your business goals by using a combination of the techniques listed above. A Consultant can help break down your website, identify key pain points of your funnel and help present a solution that is validated by analytical and sales data.

There are a few considerations to account for before you decide to pursue a consultant:

  • "Am I getting the most out of my website?": You have a website but you do not understand how to measure results. Conversion Optimisation is new to you but you don't even know where to start or what to look at and you really need outside help from an expert.

    Because you don't even know where to start to help improve the results of your website, it is always good to get opinionated expertise on the matter.

  • "Will my marketing campaigns bring the return I desire?": You have a website and are already performing inbound and outbound marketing to attract traffic. However in order to get the most out of your campaigns, you need to ensure that your traffic flow in the right funnels.

    Working with a digital strategy consultant can help make the most out of your expensive campaigns and create a level of success to benchmark towards future camapaigns.

  • "My website is performing great, but can it perform better?": You have a successful website and satsified with your goals however you don't understand why it's succeeding and how your can improve.

    This form of conversion optimisation and understanding metrics can help justify future campaigns or adding features to your website. An consultant can help clarify what success looks like and what to aspire to for even greater success at scale.

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