Drip campaigns are usually timed, automated and deliver content routinely to a user. For example, a '5-days to a balanced budget' email course allows a low barrier of entry to begin engaging a user. These emails are targeted to website visitors that have subscribed to be included in the mailing list but may not have been ready to convert on other website goals. 

Why Use Drip Marketing?

Drip campaigns services multiple purposes. They:

•    Return visitors to the website

•    Promotes every marketing and promotional campaign regularly

•    Keep people reminded of the brand

•    Appeals to the varied tastes and preferences of visitors

The results of drip campaigns are consistent because of the calculated timing of the campaigns. Often businesses run multiple drip campaigns based on what type of interaction a user may be interested. These drip campaigns help build a consistant and largely automated email marketing campaign and help bridge the gap when used with traditional direct email marketing campaigns.

Both large and small businesses now use drip marketing because of the numerous benefits that they enjoy:

•    It is less costly

•    Less effort is required to run multiple campaigns

•    Consistent results are seen because of timing of campaigns and long-term planning

How to Use Drip Campaigns for Early Success

For drip campaigns to succeed, it is important to understand user behavior and expectations, and align them with company goals. If the aim of the campaign is to bring in more visitors, then the campaign must include a call to action to lead the user to click on the link(s) in the email. On the other hand, if the goal of a drip campaign is to inform people about a new offline marketing campaign, then sufficient information must be provided in an attractive and easy to understand manner. Depending on the goal of the campaign, its frequency is determined.

Not all drip marketing campaigns are long-term. Some may run for a month with high frequency, and some may run for a year with a low, monthly or bi-monthly frequency. On what day or time the email is sent is crucial as well. Sending of emails on work days at office hours might not get the same results as sending it on a weekend when people are more disposed to shop or check their bonus points, etc.

The most crucial element of a successful drip campaign however is the preparation phase where adequate time must be spent identify the target audience and carefully honing the message that you want to convey to them. They both are inter related as well, as the more closely you have identified your target market, the more specific a message you can send across to them. Drip marketing isn’t just simple email marketing that aims to convert a user by constantly putting your brand in front of their eyes balls. It’s more like a well calculated effort to get them over your side.