EDM merely just doesn’t refer to newsletter marketing, instead it can be said that email marketing is one of the biggest components of a typical direct mail campaign.

This is perhaps the reason why one of the initial and most important steps of the EDM campaign design process is to identify the target market demographic and whether it needs to be segmented based on different sets of criteria. For instance perhaps a luxury goods manufacturer would like to segregate their customers based on sex, age or perhaps even location.

This way if they are encouraging a customer to, say subscribe to an email list, then the segregation will help them send across different messages to these different demographics. Apart from email marketing, a successful EDM campaign also includes channels like SMS, social media and can even work in conjunction the good old direct mail campaign.

While some may say that it’s like casting a huge net to catch a handful of fish, the lack of resources and time needed to design and implement an EDM strategy makes it highly lucrative for businesses and marketers. 

Needless to say email marketing remains the heart and soul of an EDM campaign. If you ask any Internet marketing expert then they will tell you that the sooner you incorporate an email list on your website the better it is. This is especially true for those businesses that are not selling anything currently from their websites but intend to in the future. This way every time a person comes to you website, you would not be losing a lead.

Once they give you their email and have subscribed your emailing list, it is virtually a permission that they’ve given you to mail them again. If you’ve optimised your SEO efforts and end up getting a substantial amount of visitors per day, then with a targeted effort, it is not difficult to build up a huge mailing list in a short amount of time.

It’s also important to plan out what kind of information you want to send users in your email newsletters. Obviously it cannot all be about your products, services and spam links where people can buy them. Think about most of the email newsletters you get in your inbox and how many of them are actually useful to you? Chances are this is going to be very small number.

This is exactly what you need to avoid when designing your own email marketing campaign. The primary goal of a newsletter is to provide information and to provide it in a succinct manner.

Planning and implementing a strong EDM marketing campaign is very crucial for business in today’s day and age. It is not only a direct entry into the customers inboxes where you can communicate with them directly but the low cost of the operation also makes it a lucrative proposition for most businesses.

Best practices that can help to make the most out of your EDM Marketing Campaigns:

  • Avoid Large Images for email newsletters: Designing successful campaigns for EDM email marketing is often a frustrating and limiting process. Unlike web browsers, email clients lack the feature set to display powerful designs - often requiring design hacks to display the desired imagery.

    Not all email clients can display images and almost 50% of users read emails on a mobile device, so a focus on text based content instead of relying on imagery benefits your users both from a presentation and data usage perspective.

  • Limit email content width: Horizontal scrolling is a pain for users. Understanding the functional capabilities of email clients brings to focus to the importance of the preview your content.

    Users that are unable to understand the message of your content at a glance would likely skip your email entirely, hurting the effectiveness of your campaigns.

  • Ensure your campaigns ARE CAN-SPAM Compliant: Any form of direct marketing communication - whether solicited or otherwise - are bound by local laws. CAN-SPAM compliance applies in general for direct message campaigns: the ability for your users to consent to receiving content, unsubscribe from future communications.

    Lack of CAN-SPAM compliance may not only incur a legal risk, but hurts your open rates as your emails get marked as spam.

  • Serve the intent subscribers: Make sure that subscribed users understand the value of being on your list. Promising the latest news about your industry yet bombarding your audience with sales messages would likely lead to users disqualifying themselves.

    Providing value to your newletter subscribers helps you build and maintain your newsletter list as an asset - providing a return for your business over time.

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