This could be buying print ads in newspapers and magazines, or perhaps a 20 seconds slot on television and for the last decade or so, it has been about buying banner ads on websites.

Even large Fortune 500 companies have realized the importance of buying media online and employ specialized Internet marketing experts to accomplish this task for them.

However, before you start buying media left and right, it is important to consider where your target market lies and what means you can employ to effectively capture their attention. Let’s not forget that the Internet audience’s attention span is very short and it’s crucial to provide them with eye-catching and intriguing content which encourages them to visit your website.

For example if your catering to teenage girls who are highly into fashion than you’d be better off by focusing your efforts on social media channels and buying shout outs on popular Instagram accounts and Facebook pages. On the other hand if your target market is made up of business executives then you’d get more return out of buying an ad in one of those online newsletters that cater to a particular industry niche.

Once you narrow down on the basic methodology, it is crucial to set the goals that you expect to achieve by implementing the strategy. What is the final goal of this process? Is it merely to raise awareness about your brand? Or are you aiming to sell products or services?

It is important to discuss the specifics with the agency that is helping you with your media buying activities, as they are very likely to provide you help with these important decisions. Once these preprocess decisions have been made, its time to zero down on the budget that you’re willing to allocate to this activity. Needless to say- the bigger the budget, the higher the quality of options that are available to you.

Irrespective of that, no matter what your budget, you are likely to have a lot of options available to you and it is the duty of every responsible online entrepreneur to adequately researched these options and decide upon one that is likely to provide the most bang for the buck. For instance one particular website in your niche might be charging $100 for running an ad for a month but if they only get about 20,000 visitors a month, that probably won’t provide you value for money.

On the other hand, if you have another niche blog that gets a hundred thousand visitors a month but will charge you on the basis of every 1000 clicks, then you are sure to get more value for money although your expense will be slightly higher. It’s crucial that you consider all the options before making a final decision.

As you can see, media buying is crucially vital to the online market strategy in today’s world. Even if you have not gotten onto the wagon yet, it’s not too late. Especially if you’re competitors are doing it already. Only by using all the tools in the box can you jump over the competition in an efficient manner.