If you talk to any online entrepreneur, their concept of marketing online will probably include search engine optimisation and the optimal usage of social media channels. There is no doubt that both those methodologies are vital to run a successful business online and when implemented correctly, can yield far-reaching benefits.

The impact of these methods is compounded exponentially when you combine them with PPC advertising methods. PPC or pay per click refers to the Internet marketing model in which an advertiser pays a search engine to display his own ads when a relevant search, in the specific niche is conducted. If you recall, when you search on Google and you see those paid links on top? – that’s exactly what PPC ads are. For example, if you have a business manufacturing gym equipment than you’d like your ad to appear every time someone searches for ‘buy gym equipment’. You bid on this particular keyword and every time someone clicks on your ad, you pay the search engine X amount of money.

Many people shy away from PPC marketing because they think that the cost involved could be very high. Instead they prefer to rank their website using conventional organic SEO methods. However using that method, it can take a long time before results appear. In such scenarios, instead of letting the website sit idle, an efficient business could choose to fill this gap by implementing a PPC marketing strategy. As for the cost involved, everything is entirely in your hands. Take the example of Google ad words, perhaps the most popular PPC advertising program on the Internet. Google lets you specify how much money you want to spend per day on PPC campaign. Once that threshold is reached Google stops showing any of your ads thereby preventing you from going over your daily budget.

Even though there is a cost involved every time someone clicks your ad, the payout usually is much higher. For instance you might have to pay $3 per click however it will pay tenfold when someone goes ahead and makes the $300 purchase from your website. Besides, running a PPC campaign on Google is highly beneficial as Google receives massive amounts of traffic on a daily basis and as a result your advertisement is likely to receive a large number of impressions and consequently result in a higher number of visitors to your website.

However before going ahead and indulging in PPC you must make sure that you do keyword research in a detailed manner just like how you would do it for the purpose of organic search optimisation. At the same time you have to ensure that your website and in particular your landing page is optimised with relevant content and has a clear call to action.

PPC marketing is a great tool for directly targeting a consumer base that would be interested in your products or services. When done correctly it can deliver massive results, and when combined with search engine optimisation strategies and social marketing, can provide a big boost to your business operations online.