1. Images, Design and Content

After landing on a page, most users will quickly glance through it. During that process, the most likely things that grab their attention are:

•    Images

•    The overall design of the web page, and

•    The headlines or text in large fonts

Judging from this, the user creates his or her own first impression of the website. A professional and attractive design, headlines that are interesting and enticing images can therefore, help to retain a user long enough to make him or her read the contents of the web page. Similarly, if the information seems relevant to the user based on what search term they used for the search, the user will be encouraged to read further.

Catchy headlines matched with attractive image or video can lead new users to click and the video. The appearance of related videos makes them to take action and watch other videos. To bring these users to return to a website, highly entertaining or informational content is required.

Quality of the content is of primary importance is keeping users engaged and returning. The information provided on a web page must be unique and communicated efficiently. The style of writing and the kind of information that is shared make up for good content. If the user finds unique and interesting content, they will explore more pages of the website and return to them later.

2. Keeping Your Website Raw in People’s Memories

With a great number of websites and information platforms on the Internet, it is easy to forget even relevant websites. To keep your website in user’s mind the use of newsletters, promotional emails, guides and follow up emails are used.

It needs to be remembered that any promotional or informational material sent to users must be relevant to them otherwise they may easily deem it spam or may unsubscribe them from the list. Similarly, too many promotional emails may clutter the inbox of a user and make them not read even the relevant ones targeted towards them.

3. Ease of Use

Ease of use is paramount where user behavior is concerned. Information that is easily available, shared and used is crucial to engage and retain first time users. The design of the website, taxonomy of content, and the style of written content must be user friendly.

4. Keep it Current

A constantly evolving website that adapts to the trend of user behavior and user satisfaction is an absolute necessity. The use of newer methods of interaction such as social likes, sharing viral videos and using trending news is crucial in attracting new audience. For example, current news about the relevant subject makes the users come back to the website to know the latest on the subject that they are interested in. Such techniques are essential for long term user retention.